Friday, 16 April 2010

Sun, summer and BBQs on the beach!

It's been so sunny recently, I can't help but keep my hopes up for a nice, warm, early summer!
And how better to celebrate the weather getting warmer than to go and buy some nice spring/summer clothes, and, of course, to make a trip to the beach. I don't see any other way, considering I live 5 minutes away from the sea anyway!

Anyway, this is just a short post of some sea-side pictures I took:

Sun set on Compton bay

Our camp site, we had a BBQ in the middle of our stone seats, it was so cute!

My friends huddling up for warmth when the sun started to go down and it got a bit chilly!

My friend Cherry out on the rocks

Pretty people under a pretty sunset :)

Twister on the beach = best idea ever!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Hope you're all soaking up the sun :)!
Ananya x


  1. wow it looks awesome there! cool camp site thingy the stone seats are genius. I'm a 10 min walk from the beach as well but its very touristy but I'll have to make a beach day now!

  2. Thanks Ami :D! Hahaha, yeah, but when we were getting the stones for the benches, my dress ripped on one of the stones >____<, so I had to wear my coat for the rest of the day to cover up the rip haha!
    Niceee! Yeah, ours too, the one really close to my house is always really touristy, so I don't really go there, unless I want ice cream ;D!
    This beach was further away, and it's massive, so we just moved to the side of the beach where there weren't as many people :).
    Yay! Have fun at the beach! x