Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Kpop music updates! Lee Hyori's new MV is NOT Gaga, 2PM updates and more~

Hey guys, I just thought i'd dedicate this post exclusively to kpop updates, since we all love kpop (right guys, right?).

FIRST THINGS FIRST. I just have to say this, because the whole thing is pissing me the hell off. Hyori Lee's new MV, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, is NOTNOTNOT Lady Gaga style!!
I mean, I'm sorry but, suddenly, after this blonde-wigged-half-naked-lady whose now the talk of the world, ALL the time, steps on stage, does it mean that everyone who acquires a blonde wig, OR even HAS a natural blonde bob, is Lady Gaga? Hm? Uh, no, I don't think so, I mean, blonde wigs, and bobs have been around since the 60s!
I don't have a problem with Lady Gaga, she's obviously clever enough to have marketed herself so that she's now a millionairess-singer-world-wide-phenomenon.
But seriously guys, are you saying that people like Egg's Romihi are copying Lady Gaga's hair?

Nope! It's not 'Lady Gaga' style, it's 2010 style! Well, so I think, because short hair and bobs are DEFINITELY coming back into fashion, and not necessarily because of Lady Gaga.

Okay, rant over >_>.

Anyway, check out Hyori's new MV, it's really cool, and the song is really catchy!

And, I love her new album cover, it has really nice graphics, especially on the front cover:

So cool!!
Also, here's the MV, it's pretty cool, and reminds me of a cross between transformers and Britney's video where she was an alien, I can't remember which one it was, but it was good XD.

Gotta say, that's a pretty stylish UFO she's got going on there! I want one!

There's so much good news that's been circulating recently, especially the news that Jae Beom IS RETURNING TO KOREA THIS JUNE and could be starring in the upcoming movie 'Hype Nation'! Exciting stuff guys, finally all those angry Jae Beom fans who've been pestering 2PM about Jae Beom's leave can finally have something to feed on and leave those poor guys alone! Stuff that 7 - 1 = 0 bollocks!
Also, if you haven't already, check out his PERSONAL youtube account, he's uploaded a few song covers and a cute dance video!

Here's one of his cover of 'Can't take my eyes off you' by Lauryn Hill:

Really cute, no?

Relating to this, another thing that should make 2PM fans happy is that, JYP has announced their comeback for this summer!
They've been leaving us loads of teasers these past few days, such as these teaser photos, suggesting a makeover for the 2PM boys?!

Nichkhun has changed his hair colour to what people described as blonde, but really it looks more ginger than anything else XD.

And, my beloved Junho has also changed his hair colour... to.. BLONDE?! It certainly looks that way!

These photos are from of's article on the matter.

And finally, they have released an OFFICIAL comeback photo, it's hooooot!

It's looking good so far guys! I can't wait for their new album to be released, it's sure to be awesome. The photo suggests that the new album COULD be called 'Don't stop, Can't stop'. I can't wait! I'm so going to try and save up to buy it (as well as a Bi-Rain album, he's so sexy!).

In other news (Haha, I sound like a news presenter XD), you may know of the complicated situation with TVXQ; their stopping of group activities in Japan and the focusing of solo careers instead.
HOWEVER, Avex TV just made a huge announcement today that they will be working with the three runaway band members; Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong, and that the three will be working as one unit to perform a series of celebratory live shows in Japan in June, entitled 'Thanksgiving Live in Dome'.
The dates are as following:

June 5th-6th - Osaka Kyocera Dome
June 12th-13th - Tokyo Dome

That sounds pretty exciting no? I mean, when the band seemed like it was going to break up completely, at least now there's a wee bit of hope for the fans out there now that these three lovelies have stepped up to do some lives!
I wish I could go ;____;

Well, that's all for today folks! Keep a look out for the new 2PM CD, the MV or album could be released any day!

My thanks to sites such as allkpop for being so informative!
And now, I leave you with this nice macroo:

Right back at you Lady Gaga!


  1. I'm not so huge on Kpop but This post was full of eye candy too!! *drools* I didn't know about this your copying off lady gaga thing but that is annoying :( .

  2. Thank you haha! Oh yes, yes, yes, there's always eye candy in kpop, it's great XD! What music do you listen to :)?

    I know right :(, I was reading comments and strands on the net and was like 'say whaaaat!?' because loads of people are just going around accusing people with blonde bobs/wigs of copying Lady Gaga >__<
    It's so sad~

    Glad you liked the post though :D!

  3. I listen to pop and whatever my twin lsitens to I think it's Jpop but I like perfume and also girls generation but thats it. You know what I just might go get a blonde wig and put it on badly and say I did it before gaga just to get at the haters!! I hope no ones saying that about romihi!!

  4. Ohhh, I love Perfume, they're so cute :D, and you like Girls Generation, they're Kpop, I love them too, especially 'Gee' :)!
    Have you listened to Koda Kumi before? She's amazing, I think you'd like her :).
    Hahaha, me too!
    You know what! A good idea would be if we got loads of gals to put blonde wigs on all over the world and be like 'this is NOT Gaga!'
    That would be amazing XD!
    I know right! I hope not either, that would be ridiculous, loads of gyaru have had blonde bobs for ages!

  5. Nice post. Still not sure how I feel about the TVXQ issue, especially since SM are now sueing them. =_=

    I totally agree about Hyori. People say everything is a copy of Gaga lately, like she invented avant guarde or something. The MV seems far more influenced by District 9 imo.

  6. Me too, concerning TVXQ, i'm not a MAJOR fan, but I do love their music and I think it's sad about them disbanding...
    I KNOW RIGHT, I can't believe they're suing, it's so stupid!
    I swear everyone's suing everyone right now, like with those share issues concerning Bi Rain and all. What is this world coming to, eh?

    Yeah, I agree, it does look like District 9 hahaha XD!
    PSHHH, yeah, like she REALLY invented Avant Guarde! There have been TONS of people before her who have done similar things, she isn't completely 'original'. It's annoying to see how many people think she's started everything 'new' all of a sudden, they obviously didn't pay attention before she hit the stage, if they did, they'd know there were plenty of people out there, not necessarily from the music industry, who have already done similar things to her, fashion and looks wise.
    Gahhh. Rant over XD.

  7. Love your informative blog. Very current with the right balance of fun and facts ! Cute K arm candy !

  8. Thank you :), glad you liked it!

  9. Awww cute blog *drools over eyecandy* hehe I like the song chitty chitty bang bang! Ugh gosh, I think the gals do the look better than Lady gaga anyway hehe :P

  10. Aww thank you Clairey!
    Hahaha, eye candy is always good to have ahahah ;D!
    Me too, it's so catchy, and I love the UFO hahhha *_*!
    Me too, Lady Gaga looks awful! The only things that make her look decent - sometimes, are the clothes she wears XD!

  11. Ahahaha, I love Kpop too! <3 loved this post >w<

    I've always admired Hyori's sense of standing out without being over the top and trashy (and still maintaining her cute "girl-next-door" humility <333 (she got me to love teal eyeshadow with tan skin)

    Nickhun now has the same color hair as Jaejoong O: I'm biased, so I obvsly say Jae wears it better, but honestly they both look nicer in past colors =A=;; ahaha

    the issue with TVXQ vs SM is so confusing, no?
    I just... wish Yunho and Changmin would leave already, or SOMETHING at least, all the members are WAY too quiet about the whole thing, it's discerning...

  12. Yayyy! Hahaha, kpop is amazing, seriously, it's totally taken over my life, and I can safely put my hands up and say that I totally love it more than jpop now, I'm not very happy with the new Visual Kei bands nowadays, but will always love artists like Koda Kumi and Dir en grey.

    Totally, I adore artists who can do that - bold, but not to an extent that it comes trashy. I think it also has to do with charisma, if you have that, I think you're able to pull off a lot more looks than artists who are perhaps more 'passive' in that sense.
    Hell yeah! Love teal eyeshadow ahahha!

    I know right! It's way too confusing for me, I just want them to decide what they're doing quickly and not let everyone hang on a thread to what's going on. Yeah, I agree, they aren't really involved with it are they? You never really hear their opinions, only the companies and lawyers representing them : <

    Aww, I'm glad you liked it girl, loving your blog too! <3