Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Back in the day, I don't know HOW long ago it was, probably when I was 13/14? I was a scene kid. Ohhhh yes, I was, well, It was more visual kei style I guess, but, in England, the land of 14 year old scene kids, I was pretty much considered scene, which I didn't really mind, because back then, it was cool XD.
But I moved on from that style.. onto decora at 15, and then gyaru at 16- to present day.

*drum roll*

My lovely, lovely wife Emmie, came running to me *online*, and announced that there was to be a Jeffree star gig in London in April and if I wanted to come.
I tell you now, IT WOULD BE SO AWESOME TO GO AND SEE HIM. Why you ask? It's because he is the most hilarious, bitchy, pink-haired transvestite ever.


(he's basically an ambassador of hello kitty!)


Ohhh Jeffree :')

Apart from loving him for being a bitchy-transvestite, I really admire him as a person and artist (I ALSO LOVE HIS MAKEUP). I mean, he grew up in a small town in America, I think he didn't have a very nice childhood, I'm pretty sure it was because he was teased for being gay. And so, he decided to go out there and get famous. He basically rose to fame by himself, and for himself, on myspace, and the internet. I REALLY admire him for doing that on his own; it's hard, but he still pulled through (this is pretty much all I can remember from reading his Bio years ago XD).

SO, so far, it's Emmie, Koneko, hopefully Niijii, and I going. Any more takers ;D?

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Nails make the woman, or does the woman make the nails?

I was just browsing through the internet and realized 'OH MY GOD, I NEED TO BLOG ABOUT NAILS, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW'.

Nails. ♥
Fake nails. ♥
Long nails. ♥

I love nail art, I think that it can be one of the most beautiful forms of expression of creativity, but is often misinterpreted as being a 'boring hobby', 'plain', 'for chavs', etc.
Oh really?
Sure you may have seen the nail art salons dotted around your area, where you may get a french manicure here and there, perhaps a few stars and streaks of nail varnish painted on your nails to make it look pretty. I can tell you now, that is merely the TIP of the iceberg my friend! You haven't seen ANYTHING until you've seen Japanese nail art.


I was snooping around the internet, and found some really cute nails that would be ideal to wear in spring; matching all the cute white dresses, hats and cowboy boots floating around in the gyaru fashion world:

These ones really match the whole cowboy look, I love how simple, but cute they are:

I absolutely adore these, the anchor details and marine blue look so cool, I think they'd definitely go with a lot of casual outfits:

If you're looking for local salons that do Japanese nails, which mind you, are very hard to find, i'd suggest taking a peak at this London Gyaru Guide post about Nail salons that do Japanese style nails, luckily Koneko found one in Piccadilly!

A couple of months ago, actually.. I think I started last summer (which is almost a year ago!), I started designing a couple of my own nails! I brought a load of sparkly jewels, nail varnishes, beads, plastic pearls, gold trinkets, hearts and other things to use for my nail art, which I simply got from Ebay - you can find so many bargains there, I love it!

Anyway, here are some of my previous sets I have created:

My first set, I called them my 'hime' (princess) set, since it was SO pink and crazily decorated:

This one was my second set, I didn't really come up with a name for them, but they're definitely my favourite, because of the big, cute, pink hearts on them:

And these ones were made for my friend (and fellow member of HIBISCGYARU), Polly. I love them because of the leopard print tips, I really want to make some pink ones with feathers next time:

So, who out there makes their own nails, or buys nails online? I was thinking about making my own online store to sell my nails... But I'm not sure if I have the time, or if people are interested in buying them.. we'll have to see how it goes~

AHHH, I almost forgot! Here are some useful links if you're interested in Japanese nail art:

'Ishi' is a useful site that shows loads of different nail art designs, and is a good resource to use if you need inspiration for your nails!

'Wow! Pretty Nails!' is a great site to find good nail supply brands, especially for nail varnish, and is updated regularly~

♥ This person has talent when it comes to designing nails, check out her flickr here!

♥ I thought that 'At Your Finger Tips' nail suppliers looked really good, they have a whole range of things, but aren't really aimed at Japanese nails. However, if you're looking to start trying nail art, I recommend flicking through what they have here!

Thats all for tonight gals, I'm knackered ahaha!
Good night x

Monday, 29 March 2010

At last, my first post!

Yay! I've been waiting to do this for ages, but it took me so long to get photoshop up and working to do the banner on my blog (my computer is so outdated it isn't even sold in Apple anymore XD).

ANYWAY! Yes, blog, here we go!

I think i'm going to start with an introduction, as this is my first post :)!
I'm Ananya, a 1st generation member of the British gyarusa HIBISCGYARU. I've been a member for about two years now, but i've been into gyaru fashion for a long time. I guess it was back in my 'scene days' and 'decora days' that I kind of found out about it, but I had NO idea that there were actually such things as 'gyarusas' until I read up about it later on.
I love being in HIBISCGYARU, not only does it give me an excuse to travel to London when I have the £££, but, I LOVE hanging out with the gals, eating out, taking puri, and having a good time. I hate the fact there were loads of rumours floating around about HIB being full of bitches or whatever. It's a load of bollocks really, I should know, I'm one of the youngest members, and I feel right at home with everyone!

I used to live in London, but my family decided to move away to the claw like constraints of the Isle of Wight and its joyous amounts of lovely, lovely, home bred chavs... Tasty.
Apart from having the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Britain and a reputation for other horrible things, the island is a really nice place to visit (and visit only, I wouldn't recommend living here XD) in the summer, THE BEACHES ARE AWESOOMMEE, apart from one time where I nearly got run over by a surfer... I have no idea how that happened...
Still, when it's sunny here, its lovely, I love swimming in the sea, I only wish I could surf!
The only genuinely nice thing on the island apart from the sea, are my friends, who I wouldn't change, ever.

Back to gyaru-ness,

I am totally in love with hime gyaru style; I LOVE the bouffant hair, the beautiful makeup, and the expensive clothes (especially the dresses)! I also like the wee shoes and heels too! I tell you, if I were a fashion designer, I'd have a ball designing all those cute dresses!

So glamourous~

So, from now on, in my blog, you can expect to see things along the lines of:

♥ Magazine scans (Egg. Popteen, S Cawaii, Ageha etc)
♥ Entries about fun events, gigs and other cool things
♥ HIBISCGYARU meets and events
♥ Rants (I love ranting)
♥ Art, including Nail Art, which I love with a passion, and I also make my own :)
♥ K/Jpop things, including HOT MENNNN, new songs, AND MACROOS!
♥ Lots and lots of pictures, of everything ever, including adventures~
♥ Hair tutorials, pictures and other things, I LOVE styling hair
♥ Makeup, beauty and fashion posts, oh yeahh~
♥ Aspects of my life in general
♥ Parties and festivals

And to finish off, here are some pictures of me:

Thanks for reading~

Ananya ♥