Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The sun is beating down, kpop music is blasting... And i'm getting my summer freckles -__-

Ahhhhh! I really can't get enough of this sun, it's great, I'm not missing the goddamn rain that seems to always be hanging over Britain allllll the time! Picnics, music... and freckles?! Gahh, I get weird freckles on my nose in summer, it's so strange >__<.
Never mind though, because spring + summer = SHOPPINGGG. Although I LOVELOVELOVE winter clothes (fur and so on), summer is also the greatest season for clothes shopping.

I bought a couple of things this week, I love them~

Some high waisted stripy shorts from Zara - £25.99

Floral brogues, Urban Outfitters - £28.99

They're a little bit too big for me XD, but I guess that just makes them more comfortable!

High waisted skirt, Zara - £19.99

I love the cute wee men and women in swimsuits on this skirt, it's so cute!

I love new things, but I really need to save up! I haven't got my wages yet, and I want to save and save and then go on a big shopping trip with Emmie and Unni - my lovely wives!
I saw some really nice stuff in Camden on the weekend, when I was with Emmie (details about that later, when I have more time to post long blog posts~). There were TONS of cute Japanese/Korean branded dresses and other clothing. Not only that, but there were loads of shops selling fur, and, as bad as it sounds, I LOVE fur.
Only second hand fur, mind. I still think it's wrong to kill animals for the fur/fashion industry. So I only like to buy fur from charity or vintage shops, where I feel that it's okay to buy them from, since, they've already been used, so what's the use in them wasting away in an old shop? I think it's better for them to be bought then for them to be chucked out.

Oh life is so hard sometimess, I'm on a diet at the moment, but I love food, like, I love to COOK, it's one of my favourite hobbies; cooking for people, and cooking food.
I just want to change the way I look, for myself, because at the moment, i'm not happy with my body T___T, so hopefully, if I keep up with this, i'll be a bit happier about it, and things will go my way :). Wish me luck!

Something that shocked me today!!! My sister came running into my room saying that Antic Cafe's X member Bou is suffering from a terminal illness and is likely to die within 4 years?!! I have NO idea where she's heard that from. I know that there were rumours going around that he was dead, but those were complete lies. I'm gonna research into this a bit more, I just hope it's not true :(! Poor Bou!

Well, i'm gonna head off to sleep now, got school tomorrow, and going to see 'Dear John' in the cinema with friends, which should be fun!

I leave you with 2PM's latest video 'Without U':

What do you think of it? I think it's hot! Just check out Taecyeon ripping off his shirt, mmmm!

Also, have this, just to end the post:



  1. love the skirt the print is so cute and the shorts! I liked camden when I wnet down before but I only saw a small part of it. good luck on the diet!

  2. Thank you Ami :)! Yeah, the print is so funny haha!
    Camden is great, you should have a look at the whole place, there are loads of shops that sell gal-like clothing, and you can get loads of bargains there ;)!
    Baww, thank you! I'll give it my best shot hahaha! x

  3. Omgosh cute buys, I love the shorts ^^ Waa I wanna go to Camden! Good luck on the diet girly :)

    I think you look beautiful the way you are, but i totally understand.....it sucks following a fashion made for tiny asians!!!!!!!!

    TTATT If you find out anything let me know, I'd be so sad if it were true...
    I mean, not much into AnCafe anymore, but Bou was adorableeeee~ ♥

    Ah~~ cute buys! Jealoussss I need to save for that expensive yukata set, so I'm pretty much broke ;A;

    God... Taecyeon is hot just BREATHING salfjalksf
    screw the people who said him ripping the shirt is getting old, HOW COULD THAT EVER GET OLD?! :9 ♥

    Good luck on your diet ;w; I personally fail at diets, so I can know how hard it can get sometimes, stay strong, girl; RESIST~~~

  6. Awww thanks guysss!!
    @Clairey, Yeahhh! You should totally go to Camden, it's changed so much from when I last went *__*, I was gawping at every shop! I wish I had an endless supply of money so that I could just spend it all there >___ :D!

    I KNOW RIGHT!?! HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT HAVE ENOUGH TAECYEON!?!?! I MEAN, LOOK AT HIM!! Good old shirt ripping can never get old ;D!! And OMGGG, JUNSUUU, even if he does no sexy stripping, HE'S STILL MY FAVOURITE 2PM MEMBER!! So so so cuteeee and hoooottttt!!!

    Baww thanks darling, I'm trying my hardest, BUT IT IS SO HARD TO RESIST THINGS :(! I haven't had sweets, or bread since sunday which is good, but I just need to keep it up >___<!
    I've failed at all my previous diets too : <, food is just tooooo good~

    that's really annoying ;___;
    maybe I went over the word limit XD? If that's possible?!
    Still, DAYUUUMMMM.

    THANKS EVERYONE FOR KIND COMMENTS, I would say lonbger things but blogger might take away half of this comment too :(

  8. Hi!!
    Thanks so much for reading my blog ^^!
    I understand how you feel though, about the whole second hand fur subject. It is part of recyling it, especially with leather because to create leather is pollutes the environment :( Eww.. So second hand is just, reviving what was already around?

    Good luck with eating healthier! It's hard,.. cookies taste so good >_<

  9. And btw, I LOVE what you wrote in your profile, Gyaru being more than a fashion style.
    I definitely agree, it's a whole attitude, perfectly put as you said, a presence!


  10. Awww, thank you Eden!!
    No problem, your blog is lovely :D!!
    Yeahhh, I hate it when people have a go at you if you're wearing fur or even leather, without even asking the origin, where you bought them and such >___<!
    I think people who go around looking for people who are wearing fur should be more concerned with fox hunting etc! Even though it's banned, there's still people doing it illegally, especially in my area, where a lot of people are complete idiots who don't define setting dogs to maul a fox to death as inhumane, and call anyone who disagrees 'townies'. BAH!

    Thank youuu! So far it's going okay, I haven't eaten anything sweet for a week, and I've been going to the gym and running really often, so hopefully I can keep at it :)

    Bawww! Thanks :D! I think it's true though, and applies to most things really :), putting your whole self into what you do makes you the best you can be~
    Thanks for reading Eden x