Sunday, 18 July 2010


SUCH an amazing night!!
  • Got Cha Cha’s tie
  • Had Gackt thrust and dance topless an inch away from my hand (I was at the front :D) He also asked us all if we ‘wanted to fuck him’, to which we all screamed yes, because.. well.. (we all do)
  • Knocked fists with Jun-Ji
  • Hiroshi jumped off stage in front of me and I actually groped his peck LOLOL (Oh dear, I’m such a pervvvv. Totally had to be done though, he was being such a perv anyway, so he blatantly deserved it xD).
  • Shook hands multiple times with Cha Cha (he was so sweet!)
  • Got spat and watered (from their water bottles) on by Gackt, Cha Cha and Jun-Ji (who used his bottle as a penis and pretended to Jizz in mine and my two friends faces *__* lolol. One of the benefits of being in the front row apparently haha.
And many other vulgar things.
OH MY GOD, THEY WERE ALL SO CHARISMATIC, AND SEXY, AND LOVELY, AND HOT, AND FUNNY. They all looked so happy with how much we loved the show, and all the presents we all gave them. It was probably the best, and most amazing jrock show I’ve been to, not only was their performance flawless, but their charisma and enthusiasm while performing was awe inspiring, and just made me smile from ear to ear the entire show.
Also, the fact that Gackt came to the edge of the stage, right in front of me, and thrusted in front of my face, was great. He’s such a sleaze, I love it XD. Jeez Gackt, stop teasing your fan girls, or you’ll just make our noses bleed forever. I’m lying, fan service is the best thing ever (this why jrock is awesome, apart from the music and everything else).
I’m so happy they promised to come again, I thought Gackt was retiring at the end of the year :(!
In the end, I bought a Gackt vest and a photobook - which was FULL of GACKT KARMA SUTRA. All the band members doing Karma Sutra. If people want me to, I’m very much willing to scan them in and post them here?
Best weekend ever. Can’t wait for Dir en grey gig next month too. 
I hate coming back from London back home though… being in the middle of nowhere is so depressing, I always end up crying when I’m coming home. I just want to live in London again, I miss it so much. It feels like so many things are going on everywhere in the world, including London, and where I live, there’s nothing. The only reason I actually feel happy everyday where I live is because I have such wonderful friends here, who totally distract me from the fact I live in a lifeless shit hole.
Anyway, HOW ARE YOU ALL? What have you all been up to this weekend :)?
Hope all of you are well and happy <3
(Cha Cha’s tie~)


  1. ahhhhhh i'm glad you had so much fun! hell yes queing to be in the front row is indeed worth it. I agree that it was the best Jrock gig ever. It was nice meeting you and everyone also! Ugh that man has to come back! <3 such an awesome time! (also i hope someone managed to get photo's....) ^.^ x

  2. aww I feel the same way when I left london :( the concert sounded great!

  3. Aww thanks Ruby <3!! I did, I did, it was amaaazinngg!
    And yess, queueing with you guys/camping was SO much fun! I really enjoyed it :)
    I know right! He better get his ass back here haha!! I hope someone managed to get photos too.. somehow >_<

    Awww Ami :(, it's a horrible feeling D;! Yesss it was awesome :D, you should come to the next one he does ^^, when he comes again!

    It was actually great getting to see you guys more! And getting to meet your little sister shes so cool!

    It was such a great gig and i'm sooo glad you guys managed to get back to the front! you were there for sooo long with us T0T

  5. AMELIE <333!!
    It was fantastic to see you toooooo!! Awww hahaha thanks :D!!

    It was an amazing gig :D!!! really amazing!!!
    Yessss, omg I can't believe I cried so much at Terry lololol, I hope he gets his pants ripped off and humiliated hahahhaha!!
    Init TT____TT, if we didn't manage to get to the front, I think we all would have cried XD!!

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