Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Nails make the woman, or does the woman make the nails?

I was just browsing through the internet and realized 'OH MY GOD, I NEED TO BLOG ABOUT NAILS, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW'.

Nails. ♥
Fake nails. ♥
Long nails. ♥

I love nail art, I think that it can be one of the most beautiful forms of expression of creativity, but is often misinterpreted as being a 'boring hobby', 'plain', 'for chavs', etc.
Oh really?
Sure you may have seen the nail art salons dotted around your area, where you may get a french manicure here and there, perhaps a few stars and streaks of nail varnish painted on your nails to make it look pretty. I can tell you now, that is merely the TIP of the iceberg my friend! You haven't seen ANYTHING until you've seen Japanese nail art.


I was snooping around the internet, and found some really cute nails that would be ideal to wear in spring; matching all the cute white dresses, hats and cowboy boots floating around in the gyaru fashion world:

These ones really match the whole cowboy look, I love how simple, but cute they are:

I absolutely adore these, the anchor details and marine blue look so cool, I think they'd definitely go with a lot of casual outfits:

If you're looking for local salons that do Japanese nails, which mind you, are very hard to find, i'd suggest taking a peak at this London Gyaru Guide post about Nail salons that do Japanese style nails, luckily Koneko found one in Piccadilly!

A couple of months ago, actually.. I think I started last summer (which is almost a year ago!), I started designing a couple of my own nails! I brought a load of sparkly jewels, nail varnishes, beads, plastic pearls, gold trinkets, hearts and other things to use for my nail art, which I simply got from Ebay - you can find so many bargains there, I love it!

Anyway, here are some of my previous sets I have created:

My first set, I called them my 'hime' (princess) set, since it was SO pink and crazily decorated:

This one was my second set, I didn't really come up with a name for them, but they're definitely my favourite, because of the big, cute, pink hearts on them:

And these ones were made for my friend (and fellow member of HIBISCGYARU), Polly. I love them because of the leopard print tips, I really want to make some pink ones with feathers next time:

So, who out there makes their own nails, or buys nails online? I was thinking about making my own online store to sell my nails... But I'm not sure if I have the time, or if people are interested in buying them.. we'll have to see how it goes~

AHHH, I almost forgot! Here are some useful links if you're interested in Japanese nail art:

'Ishi' is a useful site that shows loads of different nail art designs, and is a good resource to use if you need inspiration for your nails!

'Wow! Pretty Nails!' is a great site to find good nail supply brands, especially for nail varnish, and is updated regularly~

♥ This person has talent when it comes to designing nails, check out her flickr here!

♥ I thought that 'At Your Finger Tips' nail suppliers looked really good, they have a whole range of things, but aren't really aimed at Japanese nails. However, if you're looking to start trying nail art, I recommend flicking through what they have here!

Thats all for tonight gals, I'm knackered ahaha!
Good night x

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