Monday, 29 March 2010

At last, my first post!

Yay! I've been waiting to do this for ages, but it took me so long to get photoshop up and working to do the banner on my blog (my computer is so outdated it isn't even sold in Apple anymore XD).

ANYWAY! Yes, blog, here we go!

I think i'm going to start with an introduction, as this is my first post :)!
I'm Ananya, a 1st generation member of the British gyarusa HIBISCGYARU. I've been a member for about two years now, but i've been into gyaru fashion for a long time. I guess it was back in my 'scene days' and 'decora days' that I kind of found out about it, but I had NO idea that there were actually such things as 'gyarusas' until I read up about it later on.
I love being in HIBISCGYARU, not only does it give me an excuse to travel to London when I have the £££, but, I LOVE hanging out with the gals, eating out, taking puri, and having a good time. I hate the fact there were loads of rumours floating around about HIB being full of bitches or whatever. It's a load of bollocks really, I should know, I'm one of the youngest members, and I feel right at home with everyone!

I used to live in London, but my family decided to move away to the claw like constraints of the Isle of Wight and its joyous amounts of lovely, lovely, home bred chavs... Tasty.
Apart from having the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Britain and a reputation for other horrible things, the island is a really nice place to visit (and visit only, I wouldn't recommend living here XD) in the summer, THE BEACHES ARE AWESOOMMEE, apart from one time where I nearly got run over by a surfer... I have no idea how that happened...
Still, when it's sunny here, its lovely, I love swimming in the sea, I only wish I could surf!
The only genuinely nice thing on the island apart from the sea, are my friends, who I wouldn't change, ever.

Back to gyaru-ness,

I am totally in love with hime gyaru style; I LOVE the bouffant hair, the beautiful makeup, and the expensive clothes (especially the dresses)! I also like the wee shoes and heels too! I tell you, if I were a fashion designer, I'd have a ball designing all those cute dresses!

So glamourous~

So, from now on, in my blog, you can expect to see things along the lines of:

♥ Magazine scans (Egg. Popteen, S Cawaii, Ageha etc)
♥ Entries about fun events, gigs and other cool things
♥ HIBISCGYARU meets and events
♥ Rants (I love ranting)
♥ Art, including Nail Art, which I love with a passion, and I also make my own :)
♥ K/Jpop things, including HOT MENNNN, new songs, AND MACROOS!
♥ Lots and lots of pictures, of everything ever, including adventures~
♥ Hair tutorials, pictures and other things, I LOVE styling hair
♥ Makeup, beauty and fashion posts, oh yeahh~
♥ Aspects of my life in general
♥ Parties and festivals

And to finish off, here are some pictures of me:

Thanks for reading~

Ananya ♥


  1. OOOH MA BAABY GURL B ALL GROWN UP!! Yuor banner is quite lovely =D How did you get all the lacy stuff, it is QUITE BEAUTIFUL!!



    Well, the lace was actually really hard to find, I almost died finding an image of some decent lace. It's actually, an image, but I got the background, and with a lot of dying in the process, the background layer to be transparent. It was very, very hard, because my computer was protesting the whole way, and I totally didn't realize how hard it is to find good pictures of lace!


  3. Cute blog, I found the link on your friends site. I love Hime style too! Its soo girly and adorable! Well, good luck on your blog!

  4. Aw, thank you very much :)!
    Hahaha, exactly, it's so cute, but classy at the same time :)!
    Thank you, I like your blogs too (I had a look just now :D)